Indonesian Research Institute’s advancement support is a one-stop service.

Although it is easy to have troubles with partners and employees in Indonesia, Indonesian Research Institute not only provides trouble resolution support, but also approaches Indonesia to local companies for new customer acquisition, relocation and withdrawal procedures, etc. We can also provide a wide range of support later.


Indonesian Research Institute’s advancement support is a one-stop service.

We will support you to start your business smoothly from the advice of corporate form to various procedures necessary for establishment, office selection, recruitment support.

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Advancement Supports

Office Selection

We will build an optimal office environment. Of course, it is possible not only in Jakarta but also in other regions such as Surabaya and Bandung.

> Property introduction,
> contract design,
> construction

Corporate establishment

Which form is better when creating a corporation in Indonesia?

We will advise you according to your request and budget. We also provide one-stop support for the various procedures required to create a corporation.

> Corporate form consulting
> Preparation and preparation/checking of documents necessary for incorporation in Indonesia
> Application to BKPM (Including Investment Coordination Bureau) (including presentation)
> Registration of company name to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights
> Preparation of articles of incorporation
> Tax payment number Acquisition of
> location certificate Certificate of
> establishment of company Acquisition of
> various business licenses
> Subscribing to BPJS (National Insurance)
> Bank account opening support

Matching agency

A local partner who is a key point in doing business in Indonesia. If you make a mistake here, you may be forced to trouble or withdraw.

We are happy to introduce our partners, who are the decisive factor of our business, and to negotiate with our partners to solve problems, if you already have troubles with them.

> Introducing local partners
> Various negotiation agents and support

Visa acquisition

We can arrange business visa to work visa. We can also arrange for a local sponsor to get your visa.

> Work Visa Acquisition Support
> Sponsor/Certificate Arrangement


Employee protection is very strong in Indonesia, and when dismissing or retiring, we may have trouble with employees or generate a large amount of money.
Therefore, there are some points to keep in mind when recruiting. We provide total support from recruitment of human resources, employment rules, contract support for employment to post-employment education.

> Local staff recruitment support
> Work rules and employment contract preparation
> Local staff training and education

Back office operations

We firmly support necessary back office operations such as accounting and tax consultant arrangements.

> Introduction of affiliated tax consultant
> Accounting business outsourcing Accounting business
> after establishment, taxation

Legal affairs

In Indonesia, there are many people who are engaged in business and investment with local partners, but there are many cases where they are in trouble later because they did not conclude a contract and only made oral promises. You can see it.
We will help you avoid unnecessary troubles by concluding a contract with a partner.

> Creating various contracts


Among Japanese companies operating in Indonesia, there are many Japanese companies that have existing customers and new clients and are not able to approach local companies well.
Local staff with abundant sales experience will act as a sales agent for local companies that could not be approached until now.

> Sales agent

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