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“The relationship between Japan and Indonesia will become even closer, and we will be required to solve issues that have never existed before.”

Albertus Prasetyo Heru Nugroho – President and CEO

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Provides various services based on knowledge and experience to meet customer needs and expectations with the goal of promoting research, business and education in both Indonesia and Japan.


Continue supporting Japan and Indonesia to grow together as a good partner beyond the producer-consumer framework sustainability.

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215 Companies Supported

Indonesian Research Institute supports your business expansion from Japan to Indonesia and vise versa by utilizing fast and accurate information gathering ability and wide network of contacts. Most of our employees have experiences of study and/or work abroad, and as an expatriate in Indonesia.

We have various achievements such as not only Indonesian investigation and support before expansion, but also sales support after expansion and troubleshooting.

PT. Indonesia Research Institute Japan

Established since
April 2011

Addressed in
Wisma Keiai, Growink, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.Kav. 3, RT.10/RW.11, Karet Tengsin, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta 10220

Lead by
Albertus Prasetyo Heru Nugroho

Kentaro Kawata, Tomoaki Kanamaru

Basu Buwono

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Market Research

We can accept and respond to all request starting from the preparation, implementation, and survey


We provide a wide range of support from consulting business, strategies mergers also acquisitions.


We provide an extensive network, a wide range of services to our customer promotion needs.

Translation Interpreters

We correspond Interpretation arrangements, document translation upon request. 


We can plan and arrange seminars and training programs according to your company’s needs.


We provide monthly reports on various topics around Indonesia for our report subscriber.

Founding Fathers

CEO and President

Albertus Prasetyo Heru Nugroho

Albertus Prasetyo Heru Nugroho (Arbee) came to Japan in the year of 2000 as a Japanese government scholarship student from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (文部科学省奨学金). He majored in Physics at the University of Tokyo (東京大学) and Japanese Language and Culture at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies  (東京外国語大学).

After working as an independent consultant and trainer for several years, with the desire to deepen the friendly relationship between Japan and Indonesia, he established Indonesia Research Institute Co., Ltd. in 2011 and become the president of the company until now.


Kentaro Kawata

After working at Miwa Design Office Co., Ltd., Kawata established Bricoleur First Class Architect Office (Representative Director) in 2003. After that, when the Nagoya office was established, he also established a restaurant management company (with) Bricolage (as Director) and started the “Coffee Brico” in 2009.

In 2009, “Café brico” opened in Bali, Indonesia. Kawata together with Arbee established Indonesia Research Institute Co., Ltd. (as Vice President) in 2011 and PT. Bangun Ruang International (Brico Indonesia) in 2014. The two companies act as an active bridge between Japan and Indonesia in the fields of architecture, real estates and other business developments.



Tomoaki Kanamaru

After graduated from the Waseda University (早稲田大学) and Graduate School of Cultural Sciences, Saitama University (埼玉大学) in 1995 and working for a publishing company, Kanamaru was a private international cooperation organization (NGO), accepting organic farming trainees, emergency humanitarian assistance activities, and managing fair trade coffee export business. Further engaged in management, Kanamaru also deeply involved in various managerial project.

Kanamaru specializes in agribusiness development and value chain analysis plus deeply involved in various legal and regulatory research related to the IT, food, and other daily needs industries, and real estate projects. Currently in charge of B to B projects and actively involved in various projects related to real estate and regional development in both Japan and Indonesia.


Basu Buwono

Experienced in architecture, interior design and exterior design for more than ten years. Has collaborated on several Indonesian – Japanese projects in the property sector, particularly in development and construction. Mr. Basu also has experience in running culinary and restaurant businesses and has been a consultant at several Japanese restaurants in Indonesia.

Meet the team

Dendi Muhamad - Vice President

Dendi Muhamad

Vice President
Dr. Dendi came to Japan in the year of 2010 as a Japanese government scholarship student from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (文部科学省奨学金).

Graduated from The University of Tokyo (東京大学) with a doctoral degree in Landscape Planning, Dr. Dendi that also have studied Environmental Business and Management have been working in Japan since 2014 as highly-skilled professionals. Dr. Dendi has experienced working as an academics, lectures, and researches at The University of Tokyo and then working as a landscape designer at a Japanese private company; and last, up to now working at Indonesia Research Institute. Specializes in environmental/landscape planning, design, and business, he also deeply involved in various projects related to renewable energy, real estate, and regional development, product innovation, economic valuation, legal, education, IT, restaurant and food industries, both in Japan and Indonesia.

Prasetyo H. Nofanto - Head of Administration - Human Resource

Prasetyo H. Nofanto

General Manager I - Administration, Finance & Human Resource
Mr. Prasetyo graduated from Nasional University with a Japanese Literature major. Highly effective General Manager in Finance and Human Resources with 6+ years of experience, skilled in leadership, finance, and managing accounting departments. Monitored all kinds of financial procedures and ensured the implementation of federal and state law regulations. Managed the team of 10 accounting specialists responsible for payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and billing. Prepared documentation for annual external audits and worked with cross-functional teams to improve account collections.
Bakti Kristianto - Research Executive

Bakti Kristianto

General Manager II - Research, Marketing & Business Development
Mr. Bakti graduated from Unika Atma Jaya with a Mechanical Engineering major. He currently involved in various projects related to automotive, renewable energy, real estate, fintech, pharmacy, marketing, IT, restaurant, and food industries in Indonesia. Mr. Bakti is responsible for performed both social and market research to evaluate consumer buying behaviors, analyze and evaluate results of interviews and surveys, and make recommendations to clients about how resulting information could be used.
Elsa Destiana - Research Staff 1

Elsa Destiana

Corporate Secretary
Ms. Elsa graduated from Multimedia Nusantara University with a Public Relations major. Ms. Elsa currently handling the incorporate secretary aspect.

Responsible for arranged meetings such as contacting, making appointments, provide Minutes Of Meeting (MOM), and reporting to internal team and clients. Also piloted calendar management of Board Of Directors (BOD) and staff scheduled. Having experiences involved in Manpower, Vending machine, tabloid, supplement, and cloud kitchen project.

Ferdiansyah Dian - Operational Executive

Dian Ferdiansyah

Head of Operational
Mr. Dian graduated from 33 Senior high schools. Mr. Dian currently involved in the Cloud Kitchen project. Responsible for maintaining continuity operations and maintain inventory,

for each outlet of Soken Kitchen. Also responsible for training each Store Manager in overcoming buyer complaints.

Jesslyn Herika G. - Marketing Staff 3

Jesslyn Herika Gracia

Marketing Manager
Ms. Jesslyn graduated from Tarumanagara University with a Public Relations major. Ms. Jesslyn is passionate about marketing who increases awareness about a brand.Also Currently involved in food and beverage and also marketing projects. Ms. Jesslyn is good at managing an event, marketing communication, handling social media, and speaking in public.
Karmelia S. K. - Legal Staff 1

Karmelia Sri K.

Legal Staff 1
Ms. Karmelia graduated from Jayabaya University with a law major. Ms. Karmelia currently handling company establishment and any legal documents such as deeds, licensing, NPWP. Also responsible for drafting, reviewing, and finalizing various kinds of agreements such as MoU, LoA, Cooperation Agreement, and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Ms. Karmelia acts as a consultant in legal matters for clients in Japan.
Farida Rakhmah A - Legal Staff 2

Farida Nurakhmah A.

Legal Staff 2
Ms. Farida graduated from Islam Negeri Jakarta University with a law major. Ms. Farida currently working on the legal team. Ms. Farida is handling any legal documents related to the business company,

such as managing agreements, MoUs, NDAs, and other legal documents including drafting, reviewing, and filing documents. also doing consultations with a lawyer and other experts in terms of preventing undesirable things at the business company.

Arni Yunita - Finance Staff

Arni Yunita

Finance Staff
Ms. Arni graduated from Sriwijaya University major in Accounting. She was also graduated from Indonesia University in  Accounting Professional Education (PPAk). Ms. Arni working as accounting and tax staff. Currently involved in the cloud kitchen project. Also responsible for controlling the budget of the cloud kitchen project and reporting about financial reports.
Kunto Adisurya - Field Research Executive

Kunto Adisurya

Head of Soken Kitchen
Mr. Kunto graduated from Padjajaran University in Communications Management major. Mr. Kunto responsible for research, business consulting and event organizer. Involved in several projects related to education, automotive, renewable energy, real estate, fintech pharmacy, IT, food & beverage and environment. Mr. Kunto interested in communication and especially communication business, also involved with some clients especially Japanese clients such as Mitsubishi Electric, Fuji electric, etc.

Erwin Harsanto

Graphic Designer
Mr. Erwin graduated from Bunda Mulia University with a Design major. Mr. Erwin Currently working as a graphic designer to fulfill company design needs or cloud kitchen projects.Mr. Erwin is responsible for making designs for company needs, such as presentation design, annual company reports, company profile, etc. Also, help the marketing team of the cloud kitchen for graphic and multimedia needs.

Evita Febrianty Panggalo

Research Staff
Ms. Evita graduated from Unika Atma Jaya with a Psychology major and currently studying for a Master of Psychology. Ms. Evita is a Professional, people-first HR officer,

with 3+ years in human resources and 2 years in market research jobs. Effectively liaised between senior management and employees to maintain and improve company-employee relations. Currently, she performed a quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate and diagnose business and management decisions across the public and private sectors.

Aulia Maqfira - Marketing Staff

Aulia Maqfira

Marketing Staff
Ms. Aulia graduated from Sahid Politeknik School with Tourism and Hospitality major. Ms. Aulia works as Marketing Staff. Ms. Aulia is involved in projects such as collaborating interesting content with artists to become the guest star and have hosted a webinar. Also handling young influencers, handling Brand Ambassador and handling social media to create
Vicka Mulkiyatus S. - Operational Staff 2

Vicka Mulkiyatus S.

Operational Staff
Ms. Vicka graduated from Randudongkal Vocational High School with an Accounting major. Ms. Vicka currently involved in the Cloud Kitchen project and works as operational staff. Responsible for checking incomes and expenses on each outlet of Soken Kitchen. Also collecting employee attendance data and responsible for loan applications.
Dama Rosmala - Operational Staff 1

Dama Rosmala.

Operational Staff
Mrs. Dama graduated from Tunas Pembangunan High School with a Secretary major. Mrs. Dama currently involved in a cloud kitchen project. Responsible for supporting Soken Kitchen both in the manufacture of raw materials and quality control. Mrs. Dama also developing new menus that aim to increase sales in Soken Kitchen.

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